Responding to an Audit and Program Review


Responding to an audit or program review can be overwhelming, particularly for schools with limited financial aid office personnel. Whether your school is required to implement corrective actions, perform file reconstruction and aid recalculation, or simply prepare a response or appeal, having a partner you can rely on will minimize the burden on your financial aid office while giving…

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When your Board Chair asks, “How is our campus doing?”, how will you respond?


No one ever wants to admit that their college is in decline. When Trustees ask that questions, it’s imperative for college leadership to answer that question accurately. But when trustees ask different executives, they often get different answers, depending on who they ask. That’s because many campus offices work in silos, segregating their work from…

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Our clients are colleges and universities just like yours that have chosen to implement compliance programs as a result of our compliance assessment. A typical compliance program helps institutions and their employees conduct operations and activities ethically; with integrity, and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. A comprehensive compliance program fosters a culture of…

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