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No matter how much experience you have, it’s important to have partners you can count on. Higher Ed Executives, has been serving higher education for nearly two decades and has worked with hundreds of post-secondary institutions across the nation. Together with some of the industry’s most well regarded, and trusted consultants, Higher Ed Executives suite of consulting services helps institutions of higher education achieve their strategic goals while keeping regulatory compliance at the forefront.

Current with the latest state, accrediting body and federal regulations our consultants will assist you with a full range of regulatory and compliance matters:

Compliance is the act of following the rules. At colleges and universities, the difference between compliance and compliance management is that compliance activities are done only because of regulations while, compliance management activities are done for good business reasons, regardless of the regulations. Consequentially, a comprehensive compliance management program meets the needed assessment, monitoring and control activities of both.

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Whether you need help hiring your next president, or dean, training financial aid and business officers, or need expert regulatory guidance on matters related to financial aid, accreditation, and compliance, Higher Ed Executives provides a comprehensive portfolio of essential services to help post-secondary institutions of all types achieve their mission and goals.

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