Fast Audit & Program Review Assistance

Annual compliance Audits and Program Review Audits conducted by the U.S. Department of Education can be daunting. When you need help FAST, Our Financial Aid Support Team provides support to help you navigate an audit or program review. This includes reviewing audit responses and corrective action plans, performing file reconstruction and file reviews. Subsequently, our reviews can reduce or eliminate fines and liabilities.

Hiring our consultants to handle the preparation of your periodic reviews relieves some pressure from your financial aid staff and allows them to focus on their daily tasks.

Our commitment to your school includes:

  • Assistance preparing files required by the auditor or reviewer
  • Reviewing the audit report or program review
  • Researching regulatory issues
  • Performing any required file reconstructions
  • Designing and implementing corrective actions
  • Providing on-campus or remote support
  • Preparing the school’s response to the U.S. Department of Education, including appeals

Need assistance preparing for or responding to a program review? Get in touch today to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.

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