When your Board Chair asks, “How is our campus doing?”, how will you respond?

When your Board Chair asks, “How is our campus doing?”, how will you respond?

No one ever wants to admit that their college is in decline.

When Trustees ask that questions, it’s imperative for college leadership to answer that question accurately. But when trustees ask different executives, they often get different answers, depending on who they ask. That’s because many campus offices work in silos, segregating their work from the work being carried out in other departments. Seldom does any single department have all the data or all the answers. To answer that all important question “how is our campus doing” campus leadership and the board of trustees need a formal mechanism for evaluating institutional performance.

With the right reporting and metric data, institutions can gain deep insight into the performance of their campus. Year over year tracking of key performance metrics is essential for tracking improvement and evaluating institutional performance relative to each campus’s role, scope and mission. Periodic benchmarking against national competitors and counterparts can provide much needed context that can be used to inform leadership constituents of how their institution is performing against the larger marketplace where they compete.

What metrics are essential for assessing and monitoring the health of a college or university?

We’ve developed a system that provides exceptional utility for evaluating the performance of an institution relative to its mission. Hundreds of current and historical data points are collected and organized so that trends can be identified and tracked and areas for improvement can be easily identified.

Our analysis include data combining the

  • Degrees and Credentials
  • Enrollment data
  • Retention, Graduation, Licensure, and Pass Rate
  • Research Expenditures
  • Technology Transfer
  • Revenue Sources
  • Teaching and Research Productivity
  • Campus Specific Benchmark Metrics and more

Gain a deeper understanding of your institution’s health

Insights derived from benchmarking can provide colleges and universities with data on how they measure up against their peers in key performance metrics across such areas as operational and process excellence, product innovation, and workforce planning, to name a few.

Gain insight with data driven performance metrics

By applying analytics technologies, tools, techniques and talent to rich benchmark data, dry facts and figures transform into strategic insights that solve complex business problems.

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