Our clients are colleges and universities just like yours that have chosen to implement compliance programs as a result of our compliance assessment. A typical compliance program helps institutions and their employees conduct operations and activities ethically; with integrity, and in compliance with legal and…

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When your Board Chair asks, “How is our campus doing?”, how will you respond?

No one ever wants to admit that their college is in decline. When Trustees ask that questions, it’s imperative for college leadership to answer that question accurately. But when trustees ask different executives, they often get different answers, depending on who they ask. That’s because…

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How to handle a U. S. Department of Education Program Review Risk Assessment

It begins with a phone call from the U.S. Department of Education. You heard that FSA was increasing the number of program reviews it conducts, and although you hoped that your school would be at the bottom of their list, it was simply inevitable that…

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Responding to an Audit and Program Review

Responding to an audit or program review can be overwhelming, particularly for schools with limited financial aid office personnel. Whether your school is required to implement corrective actions, perform file reconstruction and aid recalculation, or simply prepare a response or appeal, having a partner you can rely on will…

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How to find the best candidates for your college or university.

Discover leaders answering the call of extraordinary possibilities, advancing the frontiers of knowledge and building academic distinction. Leadership requirements continue to evolve, but the need for high-performing college and university leaders remains constant. Identifying and attracting the best and brightest talent in the higher education space requires a…

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Choosing the Right Search Firm Makes All The Difference

Retaining an executive search firm is critical to hiring the best talent on the market. But all recruiters aren’t equal. Do you know the difference? “Staffing Agencies” are great for temps but generally lack candidates with specialization. These are great sources for blue collar and…

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Trusted Experts In Higher Education Search and Placement

Let’s face it. One of the major advantages Higher Ed Executives brings to executive search and placement is that we are connected to the higher education sector like no others. That’s because we’ve worked for colleges and universities as leaders for years ourselves and many of…

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Autumn and Winter holiday breaks present unique challenges for institutions when students withdraw from school. Once a student’s withdrawal date is determined, a school needs to calculate the percentage of the payment period or period of enrollment the student completed to determine the percentage of…

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Whether you need help hiring your next president, or dean, training financial aid and business officers, or need expert regulatory guidance on matters related to financial aid, accreditation, and compliance, Higher Ed Executives provides a comprehensive portfolio of essential services to help post-secondary institutions of all types achieve their mission and goals.

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